IBXd token

Stable / Rewards / NoFiat / NoTax

IBXd is a stable token for securing your crypto dollar earnings while staying in crypto.

What makes it better than USDT or USDC? It allows you to receive rewards under certain conditions, so you can grow your investment… without being tied up in staking!

The IBXd ICO brings together retail investors to finance the pre-sale purchase of a first underlying asset called USUAL tokens under conditions reserved for institutional investors.

  • IBXd will be listed on IBEx at a price of $1 as soon as the ICO is completed,
  • IBXd will be convertible into USD0 once USUAL has delivered them to the IBXd treasury,
  • USUAL protocol rewards will be shared equally between IBXd holders,
  • IBXd rewards are reserved for IBEx members with GOAT LEVEL > 0.